India Victory Issue 

Date of Issue: 2nd Jan 1946
Occasion: Issued to Commemorate Victory of Allied Nations in WWII
Perforation: 13.





After World War II India joined the countries of the British Empire in the victory celebrations and issued a special commemorative set of 4 stamps to celebrate the victory. The set was issued on 2nd Jan 1946. They were issued in sheeets of 128 stamps (16 x 8)  in the denominations of 9 pies, 1-1/2 annas 3-1/2 annas and 12 annas. It is worthwhile mentioning here that these were the last stamps that were issued during the British rule.

Due to shortage of paper, the large pictorials were discontinued and the entire set was redrawn and issued in small size stamps.
The new values that were added were the 1 anna 3 pies and 14 annas due to the increase in the inland envelopes and postage rates from India to England. The 14 anna stamp was also used till the time the postage rates were reduced and the 8 anna value was used again.

Reference: The Silver Key to the Golden Treasure of Indian Philately. by Manik Jain and S.B. Kothari.

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